?How does eco art influence bicycle riding

How does ecological art influence the message supporting bicycle riding?

Green art, which leaves a lasting green impression, has the power to influence by assimilating social-environmental messages in artwork.

I was happy to take part in the planning and design of the environmental sculptures that we created for “Good Deeds Day” at Bat Chefer with the children of the community, sculpting bicycle riders in order to encourage the public to go to the Recycling Center, both to recycle and to visit the center for the bicycle riders.

Indeed, bicycles are a form of transportation that does not pollute, a tool for improving one's fitness, a message for health and maintaining longevity.

The sculptures were made of trash gathered from the recycling center, as well as bicycle parts that were out of use. We took these materials and gave them a new life as a work of art.

The educational process of gathering trash, learning about the damage that trash causes to the environment, and recycling to to produce works of art

left a green impression on the values of awareness of the students, and a green impression in the field as a work of art with an ecological message for society and for the environment.

I'm happy and wish to thank you for this opportunity that fell into my lap, to plan and carry out an artistic project that encourages bicycle riding

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